What is the size of your group and the basics things that are a must have for group? The key things where you are unwilling to compromise on must be crystal clear. Based on this must have list you need to fix upon the size of the room, the number of rooms , whether you will prefer to be close to the Disney world with lesser comforts or opt for a slightly away place but with the amenities you wish to have.

This brings us to the third criteria in getting a vacation rental in Orlando. The transport facility! does the place have a pick drop program? If you are driving down, then adequate parking place is a must search and confirm. If they have easy access to public transport (which is expensive and rare in the US) areas or not and other sightseeing areas , if you have a child or aged person in the group , you wish to confirm a doctor on call or at least a 24*7 chemist in case of emergency!

My perennial challenge is finding the right gift for my Dad. For others it’s their mother, brother, sister or Uncle Ned. I’ve been battling that for many years now. As a kid I could get off easy with a “shaving cream warmer” or a giftbox of cured meats and cheeses (I see that kiosk at the mall each time I go and am still tempted to pick one up for old’ Dad but I resist).